San Lorenzo a Linari

Apartments Residence Siena Tuscany

Charming and finely furnished with style, the Resort's apartments give you a sense of being in the countryside but with a touch of class.
The rustic style furnishing, the exposed beams and brickwork, along with the antique furniture, make you feel like you're back in the Renaissance.
Most of the apartments have a fireplace, which will allow you to create an atmosphere which is charming, romantic and which gives a feeling of total well-being.
The names of the apartments, which describe typical vocations in small rural communities, accentuate their personality; there are names like Blacksmith, Locksmith, Clergyman and so forth.
Each apartment can accommodate between 2 and 8 guests, and since they all have separate entrances, the guests of the Resort and beauty farm can enjoy their holidays in absolute freedom and privacy.

Mono Rustico apartments (Apartments for 2 guests)
Mono Loft apartments (Apartments for 2 guests)
Type A apartments (for 2 guests - Two room apartments)
Type B apartments (for 2+2 guests - Two room apartments)
Type C apartments (for 4 guests - Three room apartments)
Type D apartments (for 4+2 guests - Three room apartments)
Type D Comfort apartment (for 4+2 guests - Three room apartment)
Danzatrici apartment (Apartment for 8 guests)
Gentilizio apartment (Superior Apartment for 4+2 guests)